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there in houston, texas. vice president joe biden, someone in the higher levels of the naacp calling joe biden a friend of the naacp. mitt romney, was he a friend to the organization yesterday? >> i think romney unfortunately really set biden up well here. he came there and used the phrase repeal obama care. he signalled disrespect to the president. that's not the way to win votes with this crowd. it felt like they were being used and that was just, i think, he could have done much better. >> what would you have preferred to hear from mitt romney yesterday? >> we wanted to hear what his plan was. how are you going to make it easier for small businesses to grow and flourish? deal with the credit crunch. >> you're fine. keep going. >> what's the one, two, three to deal with jobs. how are you going to create jobs in our community? talk about, for instance, the common ground between the civil rights community and the tea party in states like texas around criminal justice reform? some sort of bridge. he came there and felt like he intended to burn a bridge. that's not good. >> the vice president, i
they are seeking a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. >> that's exactly right. texas, for example, texas said it would only affect with their new voter i.d. law a little under 180,000 people. the justice people has gone into court saying there's 1.4 million people who would be affected in terms of their right to vote, yet there are no cases there. it's been 0.00003 cases of fraud nationwide. so what are we changing the laws that clearly will affect millions of people's right to vote according to the brennan institute, 5 million, for a fraction of an amount of 1% of people that may have been accused of fraud? what are we doing this for when the net effect is far more negative in terms of people being able to vote than it is in terms of eliminating victory for the governor there, rick scott, or is this a victory for voting rights groups? >> well, it may not be a victory for scott if now they can only go by data and not go through their purges where they wanted to get just people blanketly done. so i don't know. we're still weighing it out, our legal people at national action network are we
horrible advice if someone gave it to him to go into the naacp convention in houston texas and then criticize president obama. it was obvious that they have differences or they wouldn't have been running against each other. so you leave that out and you speak. i thought that the end of his speech was very, very powerful. but i think that with an african-american audience, he missed out on an opportunity to talk about many of the things that matter in a way that the audience could accept. for example, the whole charter school issue. we have charter schools all over the country. but when you talk about closing the charter schools, i mean, making everybody open to going to a charter school, it means the end, i think, to public schools. and the problem with charter schools is that there are some students you can turn away. in the public schools you have to accept everyone. so when you go to a black audience and create that idea that some students might end up being turned away is not going to play well. >> you know, congressman, another issue that he brought up that did not get
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will be cremated in denver and then flown back to texas for a family memorial. nbc's own mike taibbi is in centennial, colorado, and he was inside that courtroom. mike, when are we going to know the type of defense and the charges that are coming ahead for holmes? >> reporter: hi, thomas, how are you? we're not likely to hear that until the arraignment itself, unless one of the defense attorneys from the public defender's office gives a hint. at the arraignment, he has to offer a plea, and the only choices are guilt, not guilt, or ngi, as lawyers call it, not guilt by reason of insanity. and we'll get a sense of that and learn whether this suspect, this defendant is cooperating with attorneys. he didn't speak to the police since his arrest. he's been in solitary confinement. if they feel he's not able to assist in his own defense or understand the charges against him, they can, of course, call for a psychiatric examination. and generally the state hospital in pueblo, the state can have its psychiatrist examine him to see if that's, in fact, the case. and after the arraignment, the pl
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)